#12: What to Do When the Scale Doesn’t Move

Mar 18, 2020



I know that stalls in weight loss can be terribly frustrating and discouraging. You may feel like you are trying so hard and not seeing any progress. You may just want to throw in the towel and go emotionally eat. 

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Here’s the honest truth, many people THINK they know what to do to lose weight, but they only have parts of the puzzle. They need the rest of the pieces, in an order that is easy to follow, with someone to hold them accountable and coach them along the dreaded plateaus. 

It’s not easy. It doesn’t happen overnight. You aren’t dieting, you are changing your lifestyle. Changing behavior takes a long time of working to be consistent, slipping up, and then trying again. Over and over and over until it sticks. 

So if you are struggling to lose weight, or if you have lost some but can’t seem to get the scale going again, I want you to listen very closely to everything in this episode. Some of it may hit a little hard, but I’m guessing that if you read the Title and still clicked play, then you were looking for some tough love and inspiration. 


Here’s a recap of what I talk about in this episode. 

>> Point #1: First I talked about the biggest mistake I see when people try to start losing weight or get healthy...they change too many things at once, get overwhelmed, and give up on themselves. Two keys to prevent that momentum-killing overwhelm are to begin the journey knowing that it will be hard, and embracing the discomfort knowing that nothing good in life comes easy. The next is to start small with just one or two priority action items, put 100% of your effort behind them and make them a habit, then move onto the next priority item. 

>> Point #2: Next I gave you the first five steps I recommend to lose weight. Log your food, reduce your sugar and refined carbs, eat enough protein and fiber, and stay well hydrated. If you aren’t doing all of those things, you haven’t reached a true weight loss stall. If you are doing all those things, there are still many other areas we could work on to get you results. 

>> Point #3: Lastly, I encouraged you to be patient, gentle, and kind to yourself. Enjoy the journey, and love yourself no matter what the scale says. Remember that you have worth and value and you mean more than you know to many people in your life. It’s okay to want to be a better version of yourself, just be happy and embrace the journey as you go. 


Let’s take a look at a few highlights of this episode…

>> [02:28] Unfortunately, stalls during weight loss are completely normal. Your body doesn’t like change, it doesn’t want to lose weight. But for your health, confidence, and to prevent disease, it is well worth the effort to make it happen, no matter HOW long it takes. I know that stalls in weight loss can be terribly frustrating and discouraging. You may feel like you are trying so hard and not seeing any progress. You may just want to throw in the towel and go emotionally eat. 

>> [05:02] The first point I want to share with you is the most common mistake I see people make when they are trying to get healthy or lose weight. They try to do too much at once, they get overwhelmed, it gets hard, and they quit. They just plain quit on themselves. This starts a negative cycle in their head that they quit again, they won’t be able to do it, they are a failure, etc. Just a bunch of negative thoughts that don’t serve them and aren’t helpful for future efforts to get on track. One of my favorite quotes lately is “Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail till they succeed.” 

>> [08:40] Temporary change leads to temporary results. Friends, that is NOT what we want. Consistency is crucial for long-term health. Plain and simple. If you want to age well, lose weight, and prevent disease, you have to change your lifestyle, not go on a diet. But where on earth should you start? You may have all sorts of ideas running wild like a bunch of little bunnies on Easter, distracting you from figuring out what is the most important thing to master first, then second, third, and so on. If you have a weight loss plateau or stall, I usually go back to these first 5 steps. If you haven’t yet mastered these 5 basic steps on a consistent basis, you aren’t really at a stall. Start here.

>> [15:00] When losing weight properly, you will be more hydrated and building muscle, this will slow the process down. Muscle weighs more than fat. I want you to consider the process as a whole and find some good in it. Did you learn something new this week? Did you stick with your priority action item? Did you improve by just 1%? If so, celebrate! You don’t need to have everything figured out right away. You have a lifetime to do this. I want you to enjoy the ride, no matter what the scale says. 

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