#13: Tips to Stay on Track at a Party or Restaurant

Mar 25, 2020



If you ever get food anxiety about going out to eat or going to a party because you don’t trust yourself to stay on your plan, this episode is for you. 

Maybe you don’t have anxiety, you just succumb to the night knowing that you are going to get derailed, then you have guilt the next day because you way overate.

Having anxiety and guilt associated with food or social settings is no fun. I want you to develop the self-discipline to make a plan, stick to your plan, and STILL enjoy your night out. 

Will you mess up along the way? Oh yeah, we all do. But remember what I told you in the last podcast episode? Losers quit when they fail, winners fail until they succeed. You are a winner, you may just not know it, believe it, or act like it yet. 

Consider each “failure” as a “learning opportunity” from which to learn and do better next time. 

Please don’t give up on yourself if you have a bad night. Please don’t stop enjoying social situations because you have food anxiety or guilt the next day. 

While you may not control the setting or menu, ultimately, you are the only person that puts the food in your mouth and it comes down to personal responsibility. 

I hope that this episode gives you strength and self-confidence, and the tips and strategies I share with you give you practical ideas to stay on plan when eating out. 


Here’s a recap of what I talk about in this episode. 

>> Point #1: l discuss a major mindset block that many people face of feeling like they need to fit in and avoid offending people in social situations.  

>> Point #2: I share my definition of exception meals and talk about how they can be used both in the weight loss and maintenance phases. 

>> Point #3: Learn my top tips for how to make good food choices at a restaurant, whether that be a fast food place or a sit-down evening. I have some go-to rules to enjoy an exception meal, or eat out without making it an exception meal. 

>> Point #4: It’s not enough to talk about eating healthy at a restaurant, we also need to talk about parties, social meetings, etc. I think this is where most people have the hardest time because they are surrounded by ample food, often dessert-type food, for hours at a time. After hearing this part of the episode you will feel armed with a few simple strategies to leave the party without the guilt, and proud of your developing self-control. 


Let’s take a look at a few highlights of this episode…

>> [3:38] My first point is all about peer pressure and the fear of offending people...I don’t want you to miss out on all of the great, fun times that can be shared during a meal. I also don’t want you to completely fall off your food plan, and stay off for days or weeks at a time after not eating well for one night. 

>> [08:21] This brings me to my second point, which is talking about exception meals. This term came from my mom because she didn’t like the term “cheat” meal. She thought that had a guilty connotation with it. And she was right. Food guilt is a real thing. Overeating is difficult to avoid in social situations, but it is possible. An exception meal is a meal, or sometimes day, when you are intentionally indulging more than your normal meal habits. 

>> [10:34] Here are some tips for how to eat well at a restaurant. The most important thing to do to stay on track when eating out at a restaurant is to plan ahead. Even if you are planning for an exception meal, don’t let yourself just go out to eat without a plan, you will likely end up eating more than you intended. The first part of this plan actually comes far before you go out to the restaurant, and includes planning what you eat for the rest of that day. 

>> [15:30] Personally, I find that eating at restaurants is easier than parties, weddings, social meetings, and the like where there is food around all the time. At a restaurant, it comes pretty much pre-portioned. Once your food is gone, it’s gone. At a party, you have a lot more choices that can tempt you all night. Usually there are sweets that everyone loves to make and bring and then try and make other people eat because they don’t want to take them home and eat them themselves. 

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