#14: Member Spotlight with Kim - Mindset Tips for Lasting Weight Loss

Apr 01, 2020


If you are a woman, especially one over 50, and you’ve tried every diet out there and can’t seem to keep the weight off, you will love this episode. 

You’ll get to hear from one of my clients and course members, Kim about how she was able to learn the science behind weight loss and weight maintenance to reach her goals. 

I know you’ll get to get a ton of insight and inspiration from her story and that you will relate to many of her struggles regarding losing weight and keeping it off. 

I’m so proud of her progress and excited for you to hear her story! 

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Here’s a recap of what I talk about in this episode. 

>> Point #1: Kim’s history with recurrent weight loss and regain with many different diet programs like Weight Watchers and meal replacements, and what motivated her to want to learn to just be healthy and prevent chronic disease. 

>> Point #2: Strategies we used to help her lose the last 15 pounds she wasn’t able to lose on her own, and how she was able to overcome two plateaus during the process. 

>> Point #3: How her husband reacted when she said she wanted to start another program and some practical strategies they came up with as a couple to accommodate different food and lifestyle preferences. 

>> Point #4: How she prepared for maintenance and what strategies she is using to ensure the weight she lost doesn’t come back on. 


Let’s take a look at a few highlights of this episode…

>> [4:21] So many people struggle to take the first step towards lasting and sustainable lifestyle changes. They are looking for a quick-fix. You told me once that you used to feel like, “It doesn’t matter and I don’t care.” I think there are probably a lot of people stuck in that stage, even though they KNOW they need to make some changes, they just can’t convince themselves that it really matters and they should care. 

>> [7:29] Tell me a little more about your history with weight? What you tried before and what frustrations were you dealing with regarding your weight, health, and mindset when we started working together?

>> [12:30] Did you have an “aha” moment where the science behind weight loss started clicking for you, and all the pieces seemed to fit together?

>> [15:50] Can you talk about some of the practical steps you took to lose the last 15 pounds?

>> [23:18] How did your exercise routine change? You were exercising everyday when we met, how does that look differently now?

>> [28:23] I wanted to dig into your mindset when you hit a 5-week weight loss plateau. Can you walk me through what you were thinking during that time? What helped you break past that weight loss plateau?

>> [37:24] Moving into the weight maintenance phase, you were actually scared because you didn’t want the weight to come back on. What did you do to proactively prevent yourself from gaining the weight back?

>> [43:57} Like so many women I work with, sometimes the spouse is not always on board with a new plan or lifestyle. How did your husband react when you told him you wanted to try something new and work with me? How have you been able to persevere even if he isn’t on the same page?

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