#15: 5 Steps to Overcome Your Sugar Addiction

Apr 08, 2020



This was a fun podcast episode where I cut the audio together from a 5-part video training series called how to get over your sugar addiction. 

If you want to watch those videos, just click here.

Download your free sugar addiction workbook here. 

Let’s take a look at a few highlights of this episode…

>> [01:37] Step #1: Understand your why. Dig deeper and uncover the real reasons you want to kick your sugar habit and get healthy. It's easier to say "no" when you have a greater "yes."

>> [06:00] Step #2: Know the facts about sugar. How much added sugar is too much? What "counts" as sugar? How does sugar affect my brain and body?

>> [21:16] Step #3: Check your mindset. Diets don't work, this is a LIFEstyle change. Mindset shifts that will help you overcome your impulse to eat sugary foods. How our habits change with our thoughts.

>> [26:00] Step #4: Plan for success. What to do about your trigger foods. 3 tips to prevent you from eating too much added sugar.

>> [29:44] Step #5: Get accountable. Why accountability is so important for behavior change. Ways to add accountability to your plan to stop eating so much sugar.

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