#26: How Much Protein do You Need to Preserve Muscle when Losing Weight?

Jun 22, 2020

To lose fat, gain muscle, and boost your metabolism after 50, you need to understand the benefits of protein. Learn how much protein you need to preserve muscle when losing weight. 

In this video you will learn why getting enough protein is so important not only for weight loss but also maintaining your muscle and bone health to prevent falls and fractures as you age. 

I’ll also give you information to determine how much protein you should be getting. (Hint: It’s more than the recommended daily allowance).

Plus you are going to learn a bit about protein dosing (i.e. how many grams to have at a time), and protein timing (i.e. should you have a bunch of protein all at once or space it throughout the day).

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Helpful Time Stamps

1:12 - Why getting enough protein is important especially as you age.

1:35 - Is protein important for weight loss?

3:10 - How much protein do I need to preserve muscle, how much protein do you need in a day?

3:57 - What’s the minimum amount of protein you need at a time?


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