#27: Best Source of Protein Women Over 50: Plant Vs Animal Protein

Jun 29, 2020

Wondering about the different nutritional benefits of plant versus animal protein? How about the best sources of protein for women over 50 who face unique hormonal changes and require a more targeted approach to sustainable weight loss?

Getting enough protein as you age, especially if you are over 50 and trying to lose weight, is important to preserve the loss of muscle mass, improve your bone health, and keep you functioning at your highest level. Unfortunately, many women don’t get enough. 

This video will break down the pros and cons for both plant and animal-based protein. You’ll learn some of the most concentrated sources of protein from both plants and animals.

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Helpful Time Stamps

1:19 - What’s the difference between a complete and incomplete protein?

2:38 - What are the pros of animal protein?

3:06 - What are the pros of plant protein?

4:06 - What are the cons of animal protein?

5:12 - What are the cons of plant protein?

5:58 - Good sources of plant protein.

6:15 - Good sources of protein from animal sources. 


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