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#3: Tip to Break a Bad Habit: Change THIS Instead of Using Self-Control

Jan 15, 2020



We all have bad habits in our life. Often we aren’t even aware that our actions are just habits. Grabbing some snacks after dinner, grabbing a piece of candy, opening a pop, skipping a workout. When you stop and think about these actions, they are really just habits, sometimes subconscious.  

Today I’m talking about breaking bad habits, and what specifically you need to change so that you aren’t relying on your self-control to break a bad habit.

This information can be very applicable to any bad habit, but in this episode I’ll be giving you practical advice for breaking a sugar habit. 

There is a special freebie for today’s episode of my favorite go-to low sugar breakfast recipes to keep you full and satisfied until lunch. 

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Here’s a recap of what I talk about in this episode. 

>> Point #1: First, I’ll talk about why self-control is a short-term, not long-term solution to break a bad habit or start a good habit. 

>> Point #2: Next, you will learn the framework James Clear outlines in his book Atomic Habits to start a good habit or break a bad habit. I highly encourage you to go purchase this book as the information I discuss will make more sense within the context of his writing. I’ve put a link to that book in the show notes, just go to 

>> Point #3: The third point you will learn is where to prioritize your efforts when you do have that initial motivation, so that when it fades, you have a better chance of following through on your good intentions. 

>> Point #4: Lastly, I’m going to give you 5 unique, simple, and effective tips to break a sugar habit. 


Let’s take a look at a few highlights of this episode…

>> [04:20] Your self-control is usually like willpower, it fades quickly and is not a reliable means to use for habit change. As James Clear says on page in Atomic Habits, self-control is a short-term strategy, not a long-term one. 

>> [05:51] James Clear outlines in his book a framework to make good habits or change bad habits. 

>> [07:00] To change a bad habit, change your environment. This plays into Law #1 of making it invisible or law #3 making it difficult. 

>> [08:11] Five tips to change your environment and lower your sugar intake. 

>> [13:04] Challenge for the week. Pick one strategy I discussed to eat less sugar, and try one recipe on my freebie: My Favorite Breakfast Recipes, and let me know what you think! 

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