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4 Tips to Not Eat ALL the Christmas Cookies

Dec 02, 2019


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You Will Learn:

  • My favorite documentary to watch for motivation to reduce your sugar intake. 
  • Three tips to reduce your sugar intake around the holidays (especially those treats at work). 


The Sugar Struggle is Real

We all know this time of year can be hard when trying to lose weight. Sometimes just not gaining weight is an effort. Most people gain about one pound during the holidays, some people gain much more than that. 

In this post I’m going to share with you my top tips to improve your self-control and enjoy sweets in moderation without totally blowing your weight loss efforts. 


Tip #1: Watch the Fed Up Documentary

If you are looking at the cookie plate and only thinking about how delicious the cookies look without any reason in your head about how bad sugar actually is for your health, you are not setting yourself up to win that battle. 

The Fed Up documentary will give you a nice swift kick in the pants. This documentary goes into detail about the harmful effects sugar can have on your health, and provides some practical tips to reduce your overall sugar intake, especially from foods with hidden sugar. 

It costs about $4.00 to rent on Amazon Prime or YouTube. 

I have a huge sweet tooth, and I love dessert, but I’ve become a lot more mindful about sugar that is hidden in foods, and worked to reduce that in my diet, so that when I eat a cookie, I know that is the majority of sugar I’m having in a day. 

I made an entire video about how much sugar is hidden in foods that are marketed as being healthy for us, you can check that out HERE


Tip #2: Tell Yourself You Can Have It Later

The more sugar you have, the more sugar you will want. Sugar is addictive because it causes a substance called dopamine, or your “feel good” hormone, to be released in your brain. Why do you think you are more likely to eat crap when you are feeling stressed (especially at work!). It’s because your brain knows that for at least the ten seconds it takes to eat that cookie, you will feel happy and it will get a break from the stress. 

I’m big on not depriving yourself. If you go into the workday with a deprivation mindset, especially if you haven’t worked up your self-control muscles, your brain may work against you until you have the cookie. Telling yourself that you can have it later has two benefits. First, taking the cookie and eating it on the way home, or for dessert, makes it impossible to go back for seconds. If you start grabbing from the cookie plate at 10 AM you are more likely to go back at noon, then for an afternoon snack, and finally for a treat at the end of the day. Again, the more sugar you have, the more you will want. 

Who knows, by the end of the day you may not even want the cookie anymore!


Tip #3: Bring a Healthy Snack Plate

While I’m not an advocate of snacking when you are trying to lose weight, having a plate of healthy alternatives to the cookies can help you ward off the cravings. Some examples would be carrot and celery sticks with ranch, celery and peanut butter, string cheese, nuts, a low-sugar protein bar, etc. Something that is quick and easy to grab instead of the cookies. These foods in particular have some protein, fat, and fiber to help fill your stomach and reduce your cravings. 

Even having one of your favorite sparkling waters that you wouldn’t otherwise bring to work can help satisfy your sweet tooth without having the cookies. 


Tip #4: Do Mini-Sweet Fasts Until Your Exception Day

This is my favorite tip during the holidays that I use almost on a weekly basis. I think ahead to what the week looks like, usually there is at least one day when I am going to a party and I know there will be good stuff there that I want to eat. So during the days leading up to that event, I fast from sweets. Let’s face it, sugar and cookies are not something we should be having on a daily basis, especially when trying to lose (or at least maintain) your weight during the holidays. 

Having an exception day where you eat sweets (hopefully still in moderation) can give you the motivation to practice self-control and discipline when the plate of Christmas cookies hits the office. Again, it’s about moderation, not deprivation. 

If you found these tips helpful and want to learn more of my weight loss tips, especially for adults over 50, grab my free resource, The 3 Things You MUST Know to Lose Weight After 50, HERE.

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