5 Tips to End Sugar Cravings

Aug 03, 2020

HOW TO REDUCE SUGAR CRAVINGS. Cutting sugar and carbs for weight loss but struggling with emotional and mindless eating habits?

You’re not alone!

In this video, you’ll learn why you crave sugar and get 5 tips to reduce carb cravings so you know what to do when you want a cookie. 

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Helpful Time Stamps 

1:18 - Why you crave sugar and how dopamine influences your sugar cravings.

4:01 - What you can do the day BEFORE you crave sugar to reduce cravings.

4:27 - Two fast fixes to get your brain off wanting something sweet.

4:49 - A simple yet overlooked strategy. Drink THIS instead of eating the carbs.

5:23 - 5 questions to ask yourself to help identify your trigger cue for carbs.

6:10 - The single greatest thing you can do to avoid sweets.


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