#9: Leptin: The Little Hormone Making it SO Hard to Keep the Weight Off

Feb 26, 2020



We know that the majority of diets don’t work. Most diets fail for long-term weight loss. Sure you may see some weight loss, but 95% of people who lose weight will regain it within 1-5 years. 

That’s what I’m after, long-term, sustainable weight loss. I want you to be able to confidently throw away your larger sized pants and not feel like you need to “keep them just in case.” 

No way. But in order to lose weight for good, you have to outsmart, and outlast your hormones. In case you didn’t already know, your body doesn’t like change. Your body doesn’t want to lose weight. 

The lifestyle habits that got you to your current weight is what your body is used to. If you mix things up on it and start eating healthy, your hormones are going to change, and NOT for the better. At least not right away. 

So if you have been on the yo-yo diet struggle bus and you need to get off for your sanity and your health, this episode is for you.

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Here’s a recap of what I talk about in this episode. 

>> Point #1: First, I talked about how insulin and leptin play important roles in determining your body set weight. 

>> Point #2: Next, I briefly reviewed what the researchers did in this study in that they were looking for a way to measure leptin resistance related to total energy expenditure to determine a better way to measure weight loss success for future clinical studies. 

>> Point #3: Lastly, I talked about how leptin levels are affected with weight loss, making it likely to hit weight loss plateaus and regain the weight. I reminded you that weight loss and maintenance is a long-term game and it can take a long time for hormones to adjust and your body set weight to actually lower. 


Let’s take a look at a few highlights of this episode…

>> [01:34] If you haven’t already downloaded my Ultimate Food Guide, or if you did but it was a year ago, please go and download it! What you eat is the #1 factor that will determine your weight loss success and there is a bunch of crap information out there about what to eat so I want you to have the most up-do-date, science backed information about what foods to eat to lose weight for good and prevent disease. 

>> [04:50] If you are new to me, you may not have heard of your body set weight so I want to give you some context about this so the rest of the episode makes better sense. Your body set weight is an ideal level of body fat your body likes to maintain. It is mainly controlled by two hormones: insulin (the fat storage hormone), and leptin (the fat burning hormone).

>> [07:10] Let’s move onto my next point and that was to do a review of the research study I’m focusing on today. The researchers in this study knew that the majority of obese people have leptin resistance. They wanted to determine a way to measure it in a way that would be clinically useful for future weight loss research. 

>> [09:45] Lastly, I’m going to break down the practical implications for long-term weight loss and maintenance. Too much insulin is associated with leptin resistance. Reduction in insulin improves leptin sensitivity. Here is one of the main reasons why you see weight loss plateaus and why it’s so common to regain lost weight. When losing weight, leptin levels lower faster than insulin levels. Most weight loss programs plateau rapidly due to this rapid decline in leptin levels.

>> [14:59] You have to outsmart and outlast your body’s hormones when losing weight. This happens primarily through doing the right things and changing your behaviors and habits to make those right things a long-term lifestyle. To learn more about what foods are “right” to eat to lower your insulin and be healthy, go and download my Ultimate Food Guide. I’ll link to it in the show notes or you can just visit reshapept.com/ultimatefoodguide and download it today!

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