The BIG Lie

Jul 31, 2020

SARAH TELLS IT TO US STRAIGHT and shares some thoughts on what it feels like at times to be heavy.


Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

We start with a listener shoutout, quote of the week, and our eye-openers and feel good moments from this week.

14:08 - She’s lost 600 pounds and regained most of it. Learn what was most and least successful for her.

18:04 - Sarah’s thoughts about having weight loss surgery and why she wouldn’t do it again.

22:25 - Why it’s so important to “know your numbers” and learn what Sarah’s starting stats are for her weight and bloodwork.

28:02 - Why you shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday when you’re losing weight.

34:07 - Fun fact! Sarah shares how fast she can do the Sunday crossword. (It’s very impressive.)

Drop a comment and say hi! If you want to cheer Sarah on, do it!! If you’re struggling with a weight issue, let us know.

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