Eating Waffles: When Strangers Make it Awkward

Jul 31, 2020

HOW SARAH REACTS WHEN STRANGERS QUESTION HER FOOD CHOICES. Yes, unfortunately there are mean-spirited human beings in this world who like to put others down to make themselves feel better.

In this video, you’ll learn how Sarah’s learned to deal with the food judgment of others.

Plus learn about The Daily Five habits that Morgan teaches in her course.

The Daily Five Habits for sustainable weight loss are:

  1. What you eat.
  2. When you eat.
  3. Hydration.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Activity/exercise.


Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

1:34 - Learn what Sarah eats.

5:21 - How many times Sarah eats during the day.

12:11 - Sarah’s amazing fitness goals + Morgan’s most awkward story about when she asked Michelle Kwan if she was Kristi Yamaguchi (both involve Estes Park).

16:57 - Sarah’s implementation intention for this week for herself and Morgan’s implementation intention this week for Sarah.

21:05 - Community Q&A:“If you are so adamant about the rights of fat people, why are you on a weight loss journey?”

22:35 - Community Q&A: “How can you be so open when it will expose you to potential cruelty and scrutiny?”

25:49 - Community Q&A: “Does Sarah use a CPAP? I think I need one but haven’t tried it yet.”

29:19 - Community Q&A: “Can we get a before picture of Sarah?”

If you’re struggling with a weight issue, let us know.

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