How to Identify, Confront, and Overcome the Shame Cycle

Aug 06, 2020

FAT SHAMING, it's a real thing. Heck, shame in general sucks. It's devastating to a person's mental, emotional, and physical health. Sarah's done a TON of work to overcome shame in her life.
If you’ve dealt with shame, you’re NOT alone. Sarah’s going to walk you through a concrete exercise in this video you can do to help break the shame cycle.
If you’re on the other side of the coin, and have shamed a loved one hoping it would motivate them to get healthy, you are NOT alone. It can be so hard to know what to say and how to say it. Sarah gives some golden pieces of advice for how to compassionately motivate someone to change their behavior without shaming them.


Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

3:28 - What Sarah’s doing for exercise.

5:38 - Following up on last week’s implementation intention to eat a high protein breakfast and log her food everyday.

9:48 - What Sarah is planning to do to be more consistent with logging her food.

16:04 - What exactly is shame and how does it start to creep into our lives?

19:52 - How the shame cycle caused Sarah to question if she was worthy of love...and even a good person!

26:16 - The 3 levels of fat shaming...which one are you?

29:40 - How to respond when your friends and family make comments about your weight or food choices.

33:04 - “Shame, or anger is our primary way to make someone do what we want them to do in our family, what’s a better way to motivate someone to get healthy besides shaming them?” - Morgan asks, Sarah answers!

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