How to Use Keto Mojo to Test Fasting Glucose And Ketones

Jan 07, 2021
HOW TO USE KETO MOJO TO TEST FASTING GLUCOSE AND KETONES | Weight Loss for Health | Dr. Morgan Nolte | Online Weight Loss Coach

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the Keto Mojo device to test fasting blood glucose and ketone readings. 


Measuring Ketones - Why It’s Valuable 

This is important, especially if you are losing weight and trying to prevent diseases like diabetes because it helps you determine if the strategies that you’re currently using are actually working for you. 

Knowledge is power, and when I started checking my own readings, I was pretty surprised at how sleep deprivation and stress affected my ketone and glucose readings.  

So not only will I teach you how to test in this video, I’ll give you some guidelines for what levels of glucose and ketones you’re looking for to determine if you’re in the fat burning zone, and if you aren’t some actionable things you can do to increase your ketone readings to get in the fat burning zone.  

Ketones are simply a byproduct of fat metabolism when your ketones are up at means that your body is tapping into its fat stores for fuel so the higher your ketones the more your body is using fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel.

The average American eats between 200 to 300 G of carbs a day! This is quite frankly way too many carbs and you will not get into ketosis at all when you're eating that many carbs. 


What Are Normal Ketone Levels?

The normal Ketone level for most people is going to be under .5. Nutritional ketosis is a great goal to shoot for, and that's going to be between .5 and 1. Ideal levels, according to the Keto Mojo company are between 1 and 3. 

If you’re not doing a very low carb lifestyle and have your stress and sleep dialed in it’s going to be hard for you to get into that zone. If you’re at least getting into the .5 - 1 range you're doing pretty well. 

Here’s a picture from the Keto Mojo company I find helpful. 


How to Measure Ketones

Watch this video to see how I use the Keto Mojo device to check my fasting blood glucose and Ketone readings. 

Normal fasting blood glucose ranges from 70-99.  

Prediabetes is 100-125. 

You’re considered diabetic with two separate readings of 126 or higher.

You may be surprised to learn that your Ketone readings are not as high as you want them to be, so I'm going to give you a few tips here for increasing your ketones and reducing the level of fasting blood glucose so that you can become more metabolically flexible and use your fat for fuel. 


How to Get Into Ketosis 

Tip #1: The first thing that I recommend is adopting a lower carbohydrate lifestyle. If you're eating a lot of foods that are high in refined and processed starches and sugars those would be the first place to optimize.  

I want you to replace those with foods that are higher in protein, healthy fats, and fiber. If you need more food ideas, be sure that you download my Ultimate Food Guide 

Tip #2: The next thing that I suggest is incorporating intermittent fasting into your lifestyle. Your body works on a first in first out basis so if you eat a banana in your body is going to burn that banana first before it taps into your short-term energy storage of glycogen and it uses that really before it taps into your longer form of energy storage which is fat and that's where we want to get we want to start burning our fat for fuel. 

And again, once you start burning your fat for fuel a byproduct of that fat metabolism is ketones. That's why measuring your ketones is a really interesting piece of information to see if you're in the fat burning zone. 

Tip #3: Dial in your sleep and your stress. 

Nothing will throw my Ketone readings off more than a bad night of sleep or a stressful day. That's because when you're stressed your cortisol or stress hormone will go up. And when your cortisol is up, your insulin and blood glucose will be up, and it will be harder to tap into your fat stores when your blood glucose is high. 

Many people think that weight loss is just about calories in or calories out or they only focus on their diet and exercise and I really have to remind people that if you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to have a more holistic view of your lifestyle and recognized that sleep management and stress are just as important as nutrition and exercise because they affect your hormones too. 


Your Next Steps

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