Sugar in Soft Drink: Visual of Giving Up a Pop a Day for a Year

Apr 13, 2020

74 cups (33 pounds), 57,202 calories, 16.3 pounds of pure golden fat.

That is the amount of sugar you are putting into your body when you drink one pound of Pepsi every day for a year. Mind you, that is a standard sized can. Not even a bottle or super-sized. 

In this video I break down the math and show you how your bad pop habit really adds up. I’ll show you how much sugar is in a can of Pepsi and how much sugar you are getting in a whole year if you drink one can per day. 

You’ll also see a visual representation of what that looks like if all of that pop was converted straight to fat’s pretty crazy to the difference in 5 pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle! 

BONUS: I also show you how much sugar is in a gatorade, mountain dew, and vitamin water. You must ignore marketing and look at the back of your food labels to make better decisions and reduce your sugar intake. 

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Helpful Time Stamps

1:28 - Sugar in 1 can of Pepsi.

2:20 - Sugar in 1 can of Pepsi everyday for a year.

3:35 - Visual of 5 pounds of fat tissue.

4:53 - How much sugar in a Gatorade?

5:15 - How much sugar in a Tropicana probiotics drink?

5:21 - How much sugar in a bottle of Mountain Dew?


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