The Worst Carb for You! Eliminate THIS to Lose More Weight.

Apr 06, 2020

Is sugar addicting? One study found rats referred sugar to cocaine!

Yes, you read that right. A study found that rats actually preferred the sweet taste of sugar to the addictive nature of cocaine.

If you haven’t already learned the harmful head effects of added sugar, now is the time. It’s NEVER too late to improve your health.

Reducing your added sugars is one of the single most important things you can do to lower your blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, and body set weight.

If you are considering a low-carb diet, you need to prioritize cutting added sugars before reducing starchy foods.

Added sugar will contribute to fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, and belly fat faster than just starchy foods like bread and pasta.

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Helpful Time Stamps

1:07 - The worst carb for you is...

1:57 - 4 harmful health effects of too much sugar.

2:20 - Is sugar addicting?

2:41 - Sugar doesn’t fill you up.

3:43 - Sugar is hiding everywhere.


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