Weight Loss for Health | Science-Backed + Simple + Sustainable Online Weight Loss Program

May 13, 2021

Weight Loss for Health is the only comprehensive online weight loss program specifically designed for women over 40. It’s simple, sustainable, and backed by science. Weight Loss for Health addresses both the mental and physical side of weight loss. 

You’ll learn how to reverse insulin resistance, and mental resistance, to reach goals you never thought possible. 

Weight Loss for Health is the best online weight loss program for permanent weight loss. Learn how to lose your mental and physical weight once and for all with my proven sustainable weight loss system. 

Weight Loss for Health is now OPEN for Spring Enrollment May 10th-17th! This episode gives you a back-stage pass to learn about this science-backed online weight loss program by Dr. Morgan Nolte. You’ll learn exactly what you’ll get, why it works, and hear from Weight Loss for Health members about their success. 

To see all the program details and join today, click here!


Helpful Time Stamps for This Video

Program Details (Who It’s For & What You’ll Get) - 0:00

Hear what members have to say! - 14:24

“I’m not sure about joining right now...not sure if it’s the right time.” - 17:51

“I've tried everything and can't handle another failed diet. What makes this time different? How will it help me keep the weight off?” - 18:57

“Will Weight Loss for Health work if I'm old, have thyroid disease or Hashimoto's, have diabetes or pre-diabetes, or if I'm post-menopausal?” - 24:42

“Does this program work with keto, plant-based vegan, Weight Watchers, or other diet programs?” - 27:58

“I’m busy! How much time is this going to take?” - 29:35

“I'm not tech savvy. I don't think I could do an online program?” - 31:45

“What if my partner thinks I'm wasting my money?” - 32:40

“I don’t have much weight to lose, can this program help me?" - 36:59

“I’m under 40. Can I still do this program and will it work for me?” - 38:51


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