Why I Started Reshape Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC

Dec 03, 2018


Hi There!  

I’m Morgan Nolte. Thanks for visiting the Reshape Blog. This first post explains who I am, why I created Reshape, and what you can expect from this blog.  


A Little About Me  

Like everyone reading this, I wear many hats…my two favorites are farmer’s wife and mom. I’m passionate about food, fitness, and living a balanced lifestyle. I love to take Jazzercise, lift weights, and have done several half-marathons.  

Professionally, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a board-certified geriatric clinical specialist. This means I have extensive training and experience working with older adults. I can safely navigate their medical conditions and medications to develop a personalized plan that empowers them to reach their highest potential and live an active, independent lifestyle. 


Why I Became a Physical Therapist  

My grandparents are one of my biggest blessings in life. They taught me so many things like…put the phone away at the dinner table, work hard for what you want, when you don’t feel like doing something “put your big girl pants on” and do it anyways, prioritize family and faith, have fun, invest in your community, and cherish lifelong friends.  

My love, respect, and appreciation for my grandparents cultivated my interest in geriatrics. I enjoy working with adults who share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom with me in exchange for a caring relationship and better health.  

I want my clients to be there for their grandchildren like my grandparents were there for me.  


There is a Better Way  

As our country ages, less people are contributing to Medicare and more people are using Medicare. The math is not going to add up. Reimbursement rates are dropping, premiums and deductibles are rising, and health care agencies are feeling the pinch. This has a ripple effect to the provider who sees more patients, documents more information, and gets paid less to do so. Inevitably, the relationship with patient is affected.  

Think about it…  

When was the last time you were with a provider who didn’t get interrupted by a text, page, or phone call?  

When was the last time you felt like you had a personal connection to your health care provider, like they were more interested in getting to know you instead of finishing their paperwork?  

When was the last time you felt like your provider truly had the time to listen to you?  

My grandpa is a doctor. A radiologist at the end of his career but his favorite time as a doctor was when he was in private practice doing general medicine because he built long-term, meaningful relationships with his patients.  

I guess he rubbed off on me.  

I can play the (ever-changing) insurance game. But I believe there is a better way.  

Read again why I went into healthcare in the first place…to work “with adults who can share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom with me, in exchange for a caring relationship and better health.”  

I want more of that. More time to listen, more time to build relationships, and the freedom to provide the BEST care possible without insurance companies telling me how many times I can see someone, or how long I can work with them, or what services I can provide.  

But that is only half of the story.  


So Much is Preventable  

Working at a skilled nursing facility and in homecare, I kept getting clients who had laundry lists of health conditions and medications. They had lost their mobility, money, and independence from complications of preventable conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. The emotional, physical, mental, and financial toll on them (and their families) was disheartening.  

I kept thinking two things:  

I wish someone would have helped them get healthy 10 or 20 years ago when more could have been done.  


If I could teach them about living a healthy lifestyle they would see FAR better results than with exercise alone.  

The traditional insurance-based medical model does not facilitate the long-term relationship it takes to actually help people change their lifestyle to reach their weight loss and wellness goals. That is why I created Reshape.  


Our Mission  

Our mission is to help adults 50+ achieve and maintain a healthy weight to prevent disease and stay active and independent as long as possible!


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