The 5-Step System to Stop Self-Sabotage So You Can Lose Weight & Keep it Off

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Who It’s For:

  • You want to lose weight but struggle with consistency and follow-through. 
  • You need to lose weight for your health, but keep making unhealthy choices and don’t know why.
  • You want to lose weight, but struggle with negative emotions like fear of failure or regain, overwhelm, apathy, despair, hesitation, and exhaustion that keep pulling you down.


What You’ll Get:

  • The 4-Step Find Your Why Formula for Consistent Motivation
  • Why Your Fears Around Weight Loss or Regain Become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  • The 5-Step System to Find & Fix the Sneaky, Subconscious Thoughts Causing Self-Sabotage
  • How to Stop Critical Self-Talk So You Can Take Positive Action & Get Lasting Weight Loss
  • An invitation to the FREE 7-Day Weight Loss Breakthrough Challenge
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