#29: Foundations for Losing Weight After 50 to Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease

Jul 13, 2020

Tips to lower your insulin resistance plus strategies to lose weight after 50. Learn the 4 pillars of a healthy lifestyle that reduce your inflammation and insulin resistance so you can lose weight and reduce the chances of getting chronic disease. 

In this first video of a 3-part video series, I give you the big picture overview of what it really takes to lose weight and prevent disease. While food certainly comes first, there are many other areas of your lifestyle to optimize to see the best results. 

Weight loss and disease prevention is NOT as simple as “eat healthier” or “exercise more.” Once you understand the science behind insulin resistance and use that as a litmus test for determining if something is good or bad for your health, things become so much simpler. 

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Helpful Time Stamps

0:26 - Four pillars to healthy aging, weight loss, and disease prevention.

1:55 - How what you eat affects your insulin and what foods help lower insulin resistance.

3:53 - How when you eat affects your insulin. Meal timing and insulin levels.

6:52 - What type of exercise is best for longevity?

10:09 - How does stress affect insulin levels?

11:50 - What is the best mindset for weight loss?


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