Pudge Won’t Budge? | Uncover The Secret Life of Fat with Dr. Sylvia Tara

Apr 01, 2021


In this interview about her book The Secret Life of Fat, Dr. Sylvia Tara shares tips for women to lose their belly fat (and keep it off!). 

In This Interview, You’ll Learn: 

  • Why fat is harder to lose as we age. 
  • Why each time you yo-yo diet, your fat gets harder to lose. 
  • Why women gain more belly fat after menopause. 
  •  Why self-compassion  and grace are important for lasting weight loss. 
  • Why sumo wrestlers...despite their size, can actually have excellent metabolic health.
  • How women can lose fat and keep it off.
  • How to influence your fat distribution from unsafe (visceral/belly fat), to safe (subcutaneous/under the skin) storage.


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